Terms and conditions for nordcoin.io

The terms and conditions of your access to the Website and using its content are regulated hereby.

Please read these Terms and conditions attentively before using the Website.

You agree to comply with all of the terms of this User Agreement when using the Website.

"We" means the NORD project team who makes the Website available for Users.

"User", "you" means the person using the Website.

"Website" means the website available at link https://nordcoin.io including its subdomains, software code, related technologies, databases and design.

"We" means the NORD project team who makes the Website available for Users.

2.2. We inform the Users about technical regulations, organisational conditions and commercial terms of using the Service including its features by separately publishing them on the Website or notifying the Users.

2.3. The login and password chosen by the User shall be considered as ​necessary and appropriate information for accessing the Website. The User shall not provide his/her login and password to third parties and shall be fully responsible for their integrity, individually choosing the method of their storage.

2.4. The team shall reserve a right to update or modify the Website and these Terms of Service. All users shall be notified about the changes beforehand in written form via mailout and publishing them on the Website (including the control panel of your account).

3.1. When signing up, the user shall choose a username and password. The user shall be responsible for keeping the password confidential and agrees not to provide it to third parties.

3.2. The user agrees that s/he shall bear sole responsibility for his/her actions or actions performed from his/her account by third parties, notwithstanding if such user has permitted such actions/activity. Do not provide your account access information to third parties.

You agree not to perform the following actions when using the Website:

4.1. Falsely represent or misrepresent your affiliation with any individual or entity or otherwise commit fraud.

4.2. Forge any header of TCP / IP package or any part of any message heading or otherwise use the Website for sending modified, fraudulent or false information which identifies the source.

4.3 Use the Website or Content in any manner not permitted hereby.

5.1 You agree to abide to all local, state, national and foreign intellectual property laws and regulations applicable to using the Website and Content.

5.2. You are not allowed to copy and reproduce the Website, fully or partially.

We shall provide any notifications or other messages permitted or required according hereto in written form:

6.1. Via E-mail (to the address stated during signing up).

6.2. By publishing them on the Website (including on the control panel of your account).

For timely notification you shall:

7.1 Give consent for receiving our messages in electronic form via E-mail address provided by you.

7.2. Agree that all terms and conditions so as all agreements, notifications, disclosures and other messages provided by us in electronic form comply with all legal requirements as if provided in written form.