NORD MARKET is a decentralized trading platform with extensive protection against fraud, which allows users buying, selling and exchanging virtual gaming items. All bets will be protected by the NORD, which acts as a grant of such protection, as well as by the algorithm of virtual bets implementation: 1. The Seller chooses the item to be sold from his/her gaming items and sets its price in NORDcoins. Clicking the "Sell" button, the Seller agrees on the terms of sale. 2. The Buyer finds an item on the website and creates a Purchase request. Clicking "Purchase" button, the Buyer agrees on the terms of the purchase. 3. NORD MARKET system immediately sets up a deal for a period up to 1 hour and waits for the arrival of the item. 4. After the item arrives, the system transfers NORDcoins to the Seller, and the item becomes available in the account of the Buyer. In the case when Seller does not send the item to the market space in an hour, the bet vanishes, Buyer gets NORDcoins back and the Seller gets penalty points. Thanks to such system, NORD provides to its users the ability to make secure and high-speed bets on NORD MARKET.