Pre-ICO ends:
  • 48
  • 20
  • 45
  • 39

Or after 5 100 000 NORD will be sold

Total emission: 51 000 000 NORD

Soft cap: 1 200 000$

Raised BTC: 11 BTC


NORD is a unique project that brings together solutions of both the online gaming and blockchain industries. The basis of the project's ecosystem is NORD coin - the company's major asset. Token will be used as the main and the only payments unit of the service. At this very moment, the project has no equal anywhere in the world.

Our team develops a unique gaming platform with its own cryptocurrency.
NORD is a new word in the eSport industry. The platform has no equal anywhere in the world and is to become one of the major focuses of the world of online gaming.
The main feature and advantage of the platform is ARENA with the ability to create matches and tournaments with NORDcoin contributions to a prize pool. Thus, blockchain technologies help in the creation of the first ever platform which allows not only playing online games but also safely making money off it. Play NORD, upgrade your skills and build your way to the world of professional eSport!
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The basis of the project's ecosystem is NORD coin — the only payments unit used in all services of the platform.
Thus, NORDcoin has a promising future of becoming the main currency used in online gaming and eSport industries.
Besides NORD ARENA, the platform will include all the most demanded online gaming services, including:
- eSport betting provider NORD BET
- Gaming equipment market NORD MARKET
- Team messenger supporting voice conferences
- Stream platform
Invest in NORD and make money!

When you invest in NORD on the stage of Token Sale, you not only help to create a global product but also get the opportunity to profit by the time NORDcoin will appear at the stock exchange in the first quartal of 2019.

Token sale rate
1 NORD = $0.3
25% bonus first 14 days
1 NORD = $0.6
10% bonus first 14 days

Further increase of the NORDcoin's price, as well as its maintenance, is achievable through unique NORD products, including NORD ARENA where token will be used as the only payments unit.

Graph of the growth rate of the gaming market.

Today, these are exactly games that represent the biggest segment of the digital content market, annually generating multi-billion income and attracting a huge audience.

$ bn. 150 100 50 2018 2016 2017 2015 0

Experts believe that at the end of 2018, gaming income will amount to $137,9 billion —13,3% more than it was last year. Exactly for this reason, online gaming and eSport become more and more attractive spheres for investments.

10% of Tokens
5 100 000 NORD
0.3 $
25% NORD
Pre-ICO time frame
27.09.2018 - 10.11.2018
Distribution of tokens
Marketing and airdrops
Reserve Fund
60% of Tokens
30 600 000 NORD
0.6 $
10% NORD
ICO time frame
01.12.2018 - 15.01.2019
Distribution of investments
Legal expenses
Organization of tournaments
Administrative expenses
Development of NORD cryptocurrencyIV 2018Development of the mobileapplicationThe marketing campaignfor the platformThe second stage of the NORDplatform developmentI 2019Office and affiliates openingsListing of NORD token on ExchangeThe launch of the NORDand mobile application beta versionsIII 2018Formation of the legal modelPre-ICOThe first stage of the NORD platform developmentII 2018Formation of the development teamConcept development of NORD platformII 2019The launch of the NORD platformand the mobile applicationThe first NORD open tournamentThe launch of the streaming serviceThe launch of the voice chat NORD TALKICO
  • II 2018
  • Concept development of NORD platform
  • Formation of the development team
  • Development of NORD cryptocurrency
  • III 2018
  • Pre-ICO
  • The first stage of the NORD platform development
  • Formation of the legal model
  • IV 2018
  • ICO
  • The marketing campaign for the platform
  • The second stage of the NORD platform development
  • Development of the mobile application
  • I 2019
  • The launch of the NORD and mobile application beta versions
  • Listing of NORD token on Exchange
  • Office and affiliates openings
  • II 2019
  • The launch of the NORD platform and the mobile application
  • The launch of the voice chat NORD TALK
  • The launch of the streaming service
  • The first NORD open tournament
Richard Spiridonov
CEO co-founder
For the last 8 years Richard has been participating in creating and managing several European and Russian projects. Now he lives in Prague and gives all his time to the project, In Russia he actively participated in social projects and managed the branch of All-Russian small and medium business support initiative, organized forums, conferences and festivals aimed on improving the business environment. He was actively involved in co-operation with financing funds and business incubators. In his projects Richard always manages the marketing and branding activities himself. Having a big experience and education in these spheres, he is intended to perform a thorough market analysis and create a really useful and important product. Since childhood he has been interested in computer games and winning, Richard wished if the computer would give him real money for this. By creating NORD, Richard strives to bring his old child's dream to life with help of blockchain technology.
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Anatoly Zakharchuk
Executive director, co-founder
He was always interested in online games and e-sports, participated in online tournaments and set his heart on becoming a professional. Having moved to Czech Republic where he studied economics, Anatoly was sure that he wanted to fulfil himself in e-sports, not as a gamer, but a tournament provider. He has studied the online game market thoroughly and knows for sure what such a selective and wide gamer audience needs. Creating NORD, he is intended to gather the best team of developers for implementing such an aspiring project. According to Anatoly, NORD ARENA service is his lifetime dream, so now he pulls all effort for its implementing.
Stefan Bugai
Senior technical specialist
Stefan is a professional who is really consumed with his business. Since childhood he has been a computer and programming geek. He wrote his first code at the age of 14. Since that time Stefan has been giving most all his time to developing, designing and optimizing software for various startups. Due to the experience and professional team, Stefan wants to create a technically perfect platform which will become the largest gaming community in the world.
Chen Zuo
Software engineer
Specialist in the sphere of computer engineering, contemporary software, automation of industrial and other processes. Having joined the NORD team, Chen develops blueprints and schemes for entering, processing, storing and releasing information so as creates the computing circuit of the algorithm for solving problems inside the platform.
Ulvi Rashidzade
Media manager
Responsible for everything related to mass media in NORD. Has a big experience in designing, developing and producing media content, risk estimation and prediction of market requests. Having become part of NORD, he recognizes the project as a future of online gaming and e-sports. He sets his heart on making the platform as the main trend setter in these spheres.
Daria Doronina
Community Manager
She possesses strong communicative and managerial skills. Daria participated in creating several online and offline social development projects. In NORD she develops, manages and communicates the community participants. She sets her heart on creating an ethical gaming community, unique in its way.

Important information

Due to the negative situation on the ICO and pre-ICO market, NORD team announcing with regrets , that we have to freeze projects development for an indefinite period of time (but not later than the end of the second quarter of 2019). We do not want to hide the fact that we faced problems in financing; last months project was financed only by its creators. But despite this, the project is NOT closed, and work on it will continue after stabilization on the cryptocurrency market. Questions with majority of clients who have invested in our project are solved , I would like to emphasize , that the majority of investors decided to stay with us , and we really appreciate their understanding and trust. The platform itself is in a test version, there was even first mini-tournament, but there is not enough funding to complete the final stage of its development. IMPORTANT! If you are an investor and you want to receive back invested